Assessing climate change impacts, opportunities and priorities for Ukraine

The overall objective of this project was to assess climate change impacts, opportunities, and priorities in Ukraine. The project allowed to see which locations were the most affected by climate change and which were the most vulnerable. It provided an economic assessment of the costs (and opportunities) of climate change impacts across different income groups and locations within the country. The impacts on some sectors (agriculture, forestry, and health) were also evaluated, both in physical and economic terms, considering different periods of time and climate scenarios.

To this end, Metroeconomica carried out the following tasks: (i) developed the methodology report, (ii) collected socio-economic baseline date, and (iii) developed a health impact analysis and economic analysis. With this, the team contributed to the final project report.

  1. Client
    The World Bank
  2. Solution
    Climate change and energy
  3. Dates
    01/2020 – 11/2021
  4. Location