Multi-hazard assessment in four municipalities of Uruguay under climate change scenarios

Reported losses of climate-related hazards are at historically high levels and climate change is likely to enhance the risk posed by extreme weather events. Municipalities in Uruguay are likely to be exposed to multiple climate hazards.

The aim of this project was to present a multi-hazard framework to map exposure to multiple climate extremes in four cities along the twenty-first century. Using an ensemble of climate projections, changes in the frequency of heat and cold waves, river and coastal flooding, streamflow droughts, wildfires and windstorms were evaluated. Changes in population and physical assets exposed were depicted.

Specifically, Metroeconomica carried out a socio-economic analysis of four municipalities, including: population projections in the medium term (2044) and long term (2099), living conditions and education level.

  1. Client
    United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  2. Solution
    Climate change and energy
  3. Dates
    07/2019 – 12/2020
  4. Location