The main areas of knowledge of Metroeconomica are related to:

Economic assessment of impacts:

  • We have extensive and recognized experience in the assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change (mitigation and adaptation);
  • We carry out economic analyzes of specific sectors such as energy, transport, housing, water, agriculture, infrastructure, among others, including assessment of external costs and the quantification of indirect impacts;
  • As well as economic valuation of air quality (for example, in the Clean Air For Europe initiative), water emissions (for example, the EC Water Framework Directive) and waste management options;
  • And assessment of environmental impacts and public health.

Analysis of Public Policy:

  • Analysis of the linkages between policy interventions, environmental performance and competitiveness;
  • Appraisal of environmentally-related strategies, policies and projects, and the development of methodological frameworks for such appraisals;
  • Design, implementation and political economy of environmental market-based instruments;
  • Linkages between trade policies and environment issues;
  • Particular expertise in climate, energy, transport, tourism and waste policy;
  • Assessment of policy relating to occupational health risks.

Environmental Management and Sustainability:

  • Life Cycle Assessment support including data collation, advice on methodological issues and literature reviews;
  • Development of Life Cycle Cost Models;
  • Carbon management including carbon footprinting, establishing baselines and targets, identifying and quantifying options, developing action plans and stakeholder consultation;
  • State of the environment reporting;
  • Development of sustainable development indicators;
  • Sector specific sustainability research, analysis and reviews.

Capacity building:

  • Institutional assessments and support for environmental governance;
  • Advice on the establishment of and strategy for a variety of environmental organisations and centres;
  • Training and workshops;
  • Management of participation processes of stakeholders;
  • Support for specialization in advanced methods of economic analysis.

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