Public Policy Analysis

Within the public policy analysis we offer the following services: 

  • Analysis of the linkages between policy interventions, environmental performance and competitiveness;
  • Appraisal of environmentally-related strategies, policies and projects, and the development of methodological frameworks for such appraisals;
  • Design, implementation and political economy of environmental market-based instruments;
  • Linkages between trade policies and environment issues;



Selective projects:

  • Applying the methodology for measuring the risk of disasters to see what impact governance factors have on the risk in Mexico and Colombia. Interamerican Development Bank. 
  • Analysis of different impacts from climate change on the economy of Uganda and an evaluation of different adaptation Options. CDKN/ DFID. 
  • Assessing the environmental impacts of R&D policies in the EU. European Commission. 
  • Applying an Ecosystem Services Approach to Transport Appraisal.  Department of Transport UK Government. 
  • Study on the impact of Ozone Depleting Substances phase out on restructuring of national economies and the global one towards a “Green Economy”. UNEP. 
  • Review of Future Resource Risks faced by UK Business and an Assessment of Future Viability. DEFRA. 
  • Biofuels Scoping Study. Department for Transport. 
  • Global Food Security and Environmental Sustainability. DEFRA. 
  • Advice on the Economic and Environmental Impacts of Government Support for Biodiesel Production from Tallow. Department for Transport of the UK. 
  • Choice of Policy Instruments for Modern Regulation. Environment Agency of the UK.