Development of the Valencian Energy and Climate Change Plan

The Valencian Autonomous Community has been working on mitigation and adaptation to climate change in recent years. With the new commitment at international and European level, a Plan is proposed that will define the most appropriate measures to contribute, from a Valencian perspective, to the achievement of the global objectives established in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) 2021-2030.

To do this, a diagnosis of the initial situation at the regional level will be carried out beforehand, considering all the sectors involved, paying special attention to the strategic areas defined in Draft Law on Climate Change and Ecological Transition of the Valencian Community.

The objective of this project is to develop the Valencian Integrated Energy and Climate Change Plan (PVIECC) which tries to favour a “proactive” position of the Valencian Community in adapting to the process of change in terms of energy transition and climate change.

Metroeconomica is participating by estimating the level of cost/investment needed to implement the measures proposed in the Plan, by calculating their expected impacts in terms of production, rent and employment and by setting the ‘Carbon Budget’ or ‘Green Budget’ to involve all public administrations in the decarbonisation process.

  1. Client
    Valencia Government
  2. Solution
    Climate change and energy
    Public policy
  3. Dates
    02/2022 – ongoing
  4. Location