Environmental Management and Sustainability

Within environmental management and sustainability we offer the following services: 

  • Life Cycle Assessment support including data collation, advice on methodological issues and literature reviews;
  • Development of Life Cycle Cost Models;
  • Carbon management including carbon footprinting, establishing baselines and targets, identifying and quantifying options, developing action plans and stakeholder consultation;
  • State of the environment reporting;
  • Development of sustainable development indicators;
  • Sector specific sustainability research, analysis and reviews.



Selective projects:

  • Life Cycle Assessment Distance Learning Course. University of Bath, IEM. 
  • Public Attitudes to Climate Change. IHOBE. 
  • Support to implement and audit an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 standard for a newspaper printing company. Sustain Ltd. 
  • Guidance and support with Life Cycle Assessment studies and the Carbon Labelling of products. Sustain Ltd.
  • Strengthening the Knowledge Base for the Implementation of the Thematic Strategy on the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources. European Commission, DG Environment.
  • Methodology for Design of a System for reduction of emissions of GHGs from local government bodies in Basque country. IHOBE. 
  • Food Miles as an Indicator of Sustainable Development. DEFRA. 
  • Life Cycle Assessment Training Course. Private Sector Client. 



Highlight projects