Economic Assessment

Within the economic assessment we offer the following services: 

  • We have extensive and recognized experience in the assessment of the economic and social impacts of climate change (mitigation and adaptation);
  • We carry out economic analyzes of specific sectors such as energy, transport, housing, water, agriculture, infrastructure, among others, including assessment of external costs and the quantification of indirect impacts;
  • As well as economic valuation of air quality (for example, in the Clean Air For Europe initiative), water emissions (for example, the EC Water Framework Directive) and waste management options;
  • And assessment of environmental impacts and public health.



Selective projects:

  • Study of the Croatian Coastline to estimate impacts of climate change and evaluate possible adaptation measures.  Detailed study for selected region. Priority Actions Programme of the Regional Actions Committee Under GEF-UNEP. 
  • Detailed evaluation of climate impacts in socioeconomic terms for Tunisia to 2030 and possible adaptation measures. Priority Actions Programme of the Regional Actions Committee Under GEF-UNEP. 
  • Health Impacts of fossil fuel use in ECA countries. World Bank. 
  • Climate Change Adaptation Risk Assessment. DEFRA. 
  • Incorporating Climate Change into DFID Adaptation Programmes & Project Appraisal Strategies for Uncertainty. DFID. 
  • Natura 2000 N2k Benefit Value. Institute for European Environmental Policy. 
  • Costs and benefits of adaptation in the health sector in Europe – Framework Contract for Economic Support. European Environment Agency. 
  • Analysis for ENPI countries on Social and Economic Benefits of Enhanced Environmental Protection. European Commission. 
  • Environmental Performance Review of Portugal. OECD. 
  • Costs and Benefits of Low Carbon Fuel Obligation. Department for Transport of the United Kingdom . 
  • Full Costs of Climate Change. European Commission, FP7 . 
  • European Consortium for Modelling of Air Pollution and Climate Strategies – CBA of policy options to further improve air quality in Europe, taking full account of the synergies and trade-offs with greenhouse gas reductions. European Commission, DG Env (LIFE). 
  • Cost Benefit Analysis for the Revision of the National Emission Ceilings Directive. European Commission, DG Environment . 
  • Contribution to the ‘ADAPTCost Project: Analysis of the Economic Costs of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa’. UNEP . 
  • East Africa – Climate Change Impact Costs. DFID.
  • Water neutrality: an economic assessment for the Thames Gateway development. Environment Agency of the United Kingdom. 
  • Red Sea Dead Sea Financing Studies. World Bank . 
  • A study to investigate the financial risks associated with climate change. Private Sector Client.
  • Climate Change Bill Risk Assessment and Cost Benefit Analysis: Scoping Study. DEFRA. 
  • Landfill Taxes. SEI Tallinn. 
  • Building a supply-side marginal abatement cost curve (MACC) for the transport sector. UK Committee on Climate Change. 
  • Sustainable Consumption and Production: Household Behaviour. DEFRA. 
  • Waste Protocols. Environment Agency of the United Kingdom.
  • A study on the costs and benefits associated with the use of tax incentives to promote the manufacturing of more and better energy efficient appliances and the consumer purchasing of these products. European Commission, DG TAXUD.