Capacity building

Within the capacity building we offer the following services: 

  • Institutional assessments and support for environmental governance;
  • Advice on the establishment of and strategy for a variety of environmental organisations and centres;
  • Training and workshops;
  • Management of participation processes of stakeholders;
  • Support for specialization in advanced methods of economic analysis.



Selective projects:

  • Applying an Ecosystem Services Approach to Transport Appraisal.  Department of Transport of the UK. 
  • Use of Health Impact Assessment in regulatory impact assessments. Department of Health of the UK. 
  • Training Course for Climate Change and Development – Adapting by Reducing Vulnerability (CC-DARE) Programme, UNEP and UNDP. Risoe. 
  • Support to Implement and Audit an Environmental Management System to ISO 14001 standard for a Newspaper Printing Company. Sustain Ltd. 
  • Guidance and support with Life Cycle Assessment studies and the Carbon Labelling of products. Sustain Ltd. 
  • Advice on Establishing a Biodiversity Observatory in Basque Country. Basque Country Government, Spain. 
  • Harmonisation of Environmental Expenditure Information Systems with Eurostat & OECD Standards: Kyrgyz Republic and Ukraine. OECD, EAP Task Force Secretariat. 
  • Implementation and Enforcement Capacities in Croatia – Benefits for Croatia of compliance with the environmental acquisition. European Commission, DG Environment.