Alberto Ansuategi

Partner and senior advisor | Bilbao

He was Director of Science Policy of the Basque Government in the period 2005-2009 and during that period he was mainly involved in designing and implementing a series of initiatives, such as the establishment of the Ikerbasque Foundation and its talent attraction program, the creation of the Basque Network of Research Centers of Excellence (BERC) and the call for grants for basal funding for research groups in the Basque university system.

He is the author of numerous research projects in the field of environmental economics, resource economics and macroeconomics.

Partner and senior advisor of Metroeconomica. PhD in environmental economics (University of York, 2000), Master in Economic Analysis (UPV / EHU), 1993), Bachelor of Economics (UPV / EHU, 1990).

He is currently Professor of University at the UPV / EHU.